Logo Design for Websites

A logo design can be the cornerstone of your web and branding identity. Even small businesses need a professional logo to stand out from the competition. When your customers see that you take your branding seriously they are more likely to trust your brand. Your logo will establish a unified marketing brand when used on your website, printed materials and social media accounts.

Here are some guidelines when evaluating or creating a logo for your business website:

  1. Is Your Logo Unique?
    Your logo should be as unique as your business and create a feeling that your business is special. Many do-it-your-selfers will use clipart from Microsoft Word or use something they found online. It’s obvious to your customers and when they’ve seen something before they tend to discount your branding. It won’t be highly valued in their mind. But a professional logo will have a unique font that is often modified slightly so no other logo will be exactly the same. It will be hard to reproduce and therefore separate you from your competition.
  2. Keep it Simple
    The best company logos are simple in design and feel like they fit your business “just right”. Simple shapes, easy-to-read type and fewer colors can create a quick emotional connection without trying to express too many ideas. You don’t want your logo to appear busy or complicated as it will break the positive emotional connection you are trying to build. You don’t need to convey everything about your business in one logo. Leaving a little bit of mystery in a logo can entice the curiosity to want more.
  3. Make it Clever
    Some great logos often use subliminal shapes or ideas that you don’t notice at first. These logos can be hard to come by but they can be great branding material and even spark up a conversation. If you can make your logo relevant to your business and clever, you’ll see that your customers will consider you on a higher level. Designing a clever logo will require some thought on what’s really important to portray about your business.
  4. Use Colors For Meaning
    Use of color in your logo can really create a striking impression of your business. Certain industries can have a connection with color shades that might be soft or bold. Do you want to convey energy or power? Or do you need to generate feelings of peace and health? Researching the right color will help you connect the emotion you want to convey. The same colors used in your logo should be extended to your website design to create a unified branding experience.
  5. Does Your Logo Scale Well?
    As you choose your logo design, think of all the places you need to use it. Ideally, it will look great on something small such as a business card or perhaps your website on a mobile device. But does it look good on a sign on the front of your business? Make sure you can read and identify it from far away as well as close up. Ensure that you can still identify with the same logo if it’s completely black or one color. In some cases, it can even save you on printer costs when printing your logo on t-shirts or very small promotional items.
  6. Enforce Logo Standards
    If you’ve put a lot of effort and investment into your logo, make sure that it’s used properly for different formats. A set of logo & branding guidelines should define the exact colors that should be used to provide brand consistency. Enforce the same RGB values for on screen formats for presentation and website design. Defining CMYK or spot colors can make sure your printer can match the right color. Ensuring these logo guidelines are followed will protect your brand and give a sense of clear communication.
  7. Make Sure You Love It
    Lastly, when you think you have the right logo make sure you love it! Your logo will be one of the most visible pieces of your business. It should make you feel proud of what it stands for and you should want to share it with everyone. Although you might even redesign your logo someday, it should establish your branding for many years to come. So make a good choice from many variations and don’t rush your decision.

Jb3designs builds precision logos using professional illustration software. All of our logo designs are done in a native vector format. That means you can not only use it on your website, but you can also print it on a business card or scale it up on a billboard and the quality will be just as sharp. We’ll deliver your final logo design in several different formats so you can use it for any application.

If you don’t have a logo for your business, it’s the recommended first step in building out your brand. If you already have a logo, we can also redesign it or simply integrate it into your website branding. Use our contact form to provide information about your logo project.


Logo Samples Used in Web Design Projects